LOOP DESIGN STUDIO (LDS) is established in 2020, creating quality products with innovative designs that bring convenience to modern lifestyle. Simply Elegant. 

LOOK∞PICK is our spirit no matter whether we purchase our fotebag or shop with our fotebag. Do not hesitate to get it as it is the right choice. 


Environmental issues are one of the global topics that we take care of, as designers, as a responsible company, as much as we care about Mother Earth. We started to build the habit of using recycled items such as reusable cups, cutlery, bags and so on to reduce the amount of plastic and other unnecessary waste. However, we also care about the quality of living too!

We use environmentally friendly ways to design while maintaining high quality of living. An innovative and practical lifestyle may seem easily accessible now. However, the founders still encounter some daily use products which are less convenient and they want to improve those in people’s life and make every trifle product be a best partner to enjoy the most efficient life.


The products we design are made exclusively to simplify your lifestyle. 
We hope our original design solves problems with existing products that you have come across.

Our main visions at LOOP DESIGN PTE. LTD.:

∞ Less wastes produced on the planet. 
∞ Make every creations subtle yet useful.
∞ Find LDS products everywhere easily.
∞ Best partner in your life.
∞ Endurance and longevity design.